Friday, January 25, 2013

Celebrating Republic Day

‎26 January is not about a holiday, or about certain vermin across the country abusing women's rights or about corruption or about useless politicians or about Modi vs. Gandhi! It's a day to celebrate those soldiers who do their duty to the utmost care standing in areas of -30 degree temperatures, going without food and even water for days altogether, ready to fight for a complete nation where they don't even know 98% of the people! It's a day to celebrate that army which does not dissent against the system, it is a day to celebrate those soldiers who lay down their lives leaving their families behind in order to protect those very people who crib and complain about the country. It is a day to celebrate people like my Dad who have stayed away most of my life, not watching me grow up and missing out on certain landmarks in my life just so he could do his duty, and serve his nation! So despite all the negativity going around and the wrongdoings that have been happening, I shall still respect this day and all those whom it attempts to respect!

So Happy Republic day! Be proud of your nation, whatever it is, however it is, and if you don't like it, be the change instead of just sitting back and complaining!