Tuesday, July 8, 2014



There are chances we take
Certain choices we make
Some turn out greater than imagined
Through some only regrets we rake

One is treaded upon quite gladly
We had wanted this one oh so badly
We sweated and cried, struggled and got fried
Our tears and sweat made the victory gleam bright

Days passed..turned into months
Experiences and moments were amassed
Lots was learnt lots was passed
Some gave joy while through some gloom was cast

Friends were made friends forgotten
New bonds built while some became rotten
Memories left scars that served as reminders
Some unresolved emotions soon became binders

Time passed as it always does
Monotony and drudgery made everyday quite a fuss
What once gave joy now felt tasking
Glories felt fake in which we were basking

Eyes and mind wandered in search of something fresh
The life state of others seemed more attractive
Picture perfect memories sealed and delivered
On those other moments our eyes and minds lingered

This path now felt strange, unwelcoming
What we had chosen lay ignored
Would the other path have been happier and more becoming
What if, what could have been - insecurities roared

Had the other path been chosen 
would we have the same joy
As we see with others
And wistfully we sigh

We realize then suddenly
Our mind plays games
Had the other path been chosen in fact
Our insecurities would have remained just the same ....

-Aastha Katyal