Monday, October 12, 2009

Angel and the Bud



This angel once landed on Earth

She descended as if from the silvery moonlight

A god send messenger, she glowed and glistened

And was a beauty surpassing all the Cindrellas and Snow Whites


She came with a mission

God sent her to nurture a bud

A rose bud that refused to open up

Reticent yet resolute, she wanted to remain shut


‘I have no friends, well maybe, just a few.

I tell you, people might not like me,’ she told God

‘You wouldn’t badger me if my plight you understood.’

Indeed, her tears were what made the droplets of dew.


Along came the angel, as serene and wise as Dumbledore

She made the rosebud confident of its beauty

Instilling in it pride and poise

Explaining, she said, ‘Blooming is your duty,


For your splendour and renown is unparalleled

But all you need to do, is believe in yourself

That you can bloom and do a grand job of it,

There could be no one whose heart you wouldn’t melt.’


Such was the angel’s charm, and the unconditional love

She showered on the withdrawn bud, that

The bud, as if reborn with a new life

Bloomed like no other of her kind.


The angel despite having fulfilled her work

Never did leave the bud, now a flower

And shied it away from rain and storms

She was, for the bud, like sunshine

Boundless love and affection, she’d shower.


The bud could not express her love for the angel,

With whom she shared a supremely special bond

The fact was this, and nothing else, that

For her, the angel was at par with God!!


- this poem is dedicated to myangel                                  best friend ever…Smiti….Love you..:)

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