Thursday, November 5, 2009

Man vs. woman

What I have observed through my various interactions and observations, is that women are, in most cases, intellectually and emotionally superior to men. Women are capable of so much more than they are given credit for. What better example is there than of a woman who handles a profession, comes back home to handle her household AND manages to do both well enough.

To be a woman is like being a form of God himself, because we have the ability to provide the gift of life. We are the ones who go through the pressure and the beauty of child birth, giving to the world yet another being…Not intending to sound like a feminist but what is it about males that they are so desired and worshipped? Only that they are physically stronger? Can they give birth to a new being? No. Can they handle household and work pressures at the same time? Not really. Most men are not even capable of voicing their emotions and sensing other’s.

I am not against men. I am against the idea of male superiority, which is so dominant in our society. Preference for a  male child, female foeticide are rampant and disturbing issues that are so unnecessary and unfair. 

We are all the children of God. We each have a special quality.. We each add something to the world. Why should the question of gender superiority come in then? We must all be equal, take care of each other’s needs, requirements, and emotions. The world can become a better place if we treat each other with due respect, irrespective of their gender or sexuality.


  1. I understand, and somehow i feel like there is a mysterious difference between a man and a woman.
    i dont want to comment on superiority but i admit it is wrong to have a question of gender superiority? and the idea of male superiority in the orthodox side of our culture..
    well times are changin now, i guess.
    n yea
    I dont believe we are all children of so called GOD!!!

  2. comes back home to handle her household AND manages to do both well enough. ............
    absolutely true........and no MBA classes teach you the time management these ladies perform.

  3. hmm... balance comes from imperfections..
    life is all about balance.. aint it?

  4. Thanks a lot for your feedback guys. I like getting responses and try to learn from them. :)