Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I See...You Saw!


There’s something I see…a lot of things actually
It’s all of what you saw, but a lot differently

I see a highly qualified, intelligent one with dreams and wishes
You saw someone who’ll wash your clothes and do the dishes

I see a beautiful, generous and compassionate soul within
You saw an overweight, or short girl who will never fit in

I see someone who chases after what she believes in with all her might
You saw someone who reaches out for much more than she can bite

I see someone who’s strong, independent, advancing at a self-assured pace
You saw an opportunity, a wily woman you hope to beat, to ‘put her in her place’.

I see a woman confident of her body and herself
You saw a ‘slut’ who rightfully belongs on a domestic shelf

I see one who’s got a charming, eloquent way with the words
You saw a smooth talker, rubbishing away all her efforts

I see one who extends herself beyond domesticity and carves out a niche
You saw she crossed her ‘limits’ and needs to be put on a leash

I see she’s a people’s person, mingling and making friends galore
You saw she’s ‘loose’, without morals, close to a ‘whore’

I see she’s fearless, tough against the tide
You saw and pushed her down with all your might

I see one who’s a lioness, fighting for her rights
You saw she’s ‘dented and painted’ and so must give up the fight.

I see she’s trying her best to selflessly manage two worlds
You saw she has no business to have another world

I see her struggle everyday to make a place for herself
You saw and decided there must be none of her self

I see her moulding a second brave one as a mother
You saw and stomped on the hope of another

I see them struggling each day to live full, enriching and rewarding lives
You saw and decided they deserve nothing more than to be mothers and wives

There’s something I see…a lot of things actually
It’s all of what you saw, but a lot differently!

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  1. The difference between two view points has been clearly spelt out here.