Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Conflicted Mind

There are two thoughts
Conflicting, tearing me from within
In two different directions
To be or not to be
One of the eternal questions 
Of life and life beyond death
Of death and love beyond death
Do I wish to be alone in sorrow
Or sorrowful in a crowd
Look here it comes again
Another one of those depression bouts
I wish to come out of its grasp
Break free from its leash
Holding me back, holding me tight
Controlling my thoughts
But at times each effort rots
It pulls me down
To the abyss of hellish feelings
Influences and confuses
All my dealings
Will I be able to pull myself back?
I guess, like I always do
But the route to it seems hazy
My will seems reluctant and lazy
I need you to call out to me
I may or may not come
But it's comforting to know you care
No matter how crazy it gets
You shall always be there
Will you, won't you?
I guess, time will tell
Until then glorious seems the thought
Maybe that is what will help me sort
The muddle in my mind
To get out of the grind
All that matters right now
Is to know you're right behind
With a supporting hand
And a comforting smile
Leading the way
To take me ahead in life
Another mile ...

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